Leah Waits’ Yoga Journey

2015-02-25 19.50.37    2015-02-25 19.51.56     2015-02-25 19.51.20

Before I got into yoga, I had this preconceived idea that everyone who did yoga, did it perfectly. If you look up pictures of people on Google doing yoga, all of the people appear graceful and perfectly balanced. Every YouTube I watched had someone who appeared to make every shape perfectly. It did not take me long to realize that there is no such thing as a perfect yogi. Comparing one yogi to the next, I realized that the perfect shape for each person varies. The more I practice, the more I realize that it is not about making the perfect shape of someone else, its about finding the perfect shape for you. Yoga is about a personal journey.

Yoga is about finding the beauty within you and recognizing the beauty in others. It is about accepting yourself and others for all of the things that make us unique. Psalm 139:14 says, “I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” God made each of us absolutely stunning and completely, totally remarkable. I remember before I started practicing yoga, I was worried about doing it wrong or not making the right shape with my body. The more I tried and practiced, the more obvious it became that there is no right or wrong way to do it. If a pose feels good to you, than that is the shape you were meant to create. No two people have the exact same body, so no two people are going to create any pose in the same way.

I know it can be so intimidating to try something new. My best advice, when it comes to yoga, is to just try it. Before you rule it out because you feel that you lack grace, coordination, patience, or whatever your excuse is. Just try it. In the great words of Dr. Seuss, “If you never did you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.”

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