Honoring God by Maintaining our Bodies

Last week I shared these quotes on the MotivateMe GroupMe and I thought I would share it on here so everyone can read them. I am reading the book The Chase and one of the chapters talks about keeping our bodies healthy, which is a way to worship and honor The Lord. Read over these and think about the truth behind them:

“Our bodies really aren’t our own. They belong to God. And because he made each of us uniquely beautiful, we should want to take care of our bodies and appreciate them. So it’s important to quiet the celebrities we admire and the magazines we like to read and listen to what God has to say.”

“We can’t simply wish to be thin, to stay healthy, or to have a better daily routine…so wishing or hoping for something might work for a while, but eventually we will run out of ways to motivate ourselves. That’s when the Lord steps in and reminds us that He’s there…God knows what’s on your heart, and He definitely knows if you have thoughts of being healthier, prettier, skinnier…maybe your list goes on and on. Give all your worries and anxieties over to God. By doing so you will be able to hear His voice louder than all the other voices.”

Exercising, eating right, and maintaining a healthy body is not always easy. It’s something that almost every person struggles with. We should handle this difficulty no differently than we would any other struggle in our life. We should turn to God and ask for His help in keeping up with the body he gave us. God wants you to be happy and healthy and He will help you do that!


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