30 Days of Yoga

This past weekend at Rec{h} Retreat the lovely Leah Waites led us all in a yoga sequence. As we were practicing yoga Leah mentioned that she learned a lot of her moves and techniques from a YouTube channel called Yoga with Adriene. I tried one of her videos when we got back and she is so great! She has a great sense of humor and explains each move in a way even I understand. If you go through her channel you will see that she has a set of 30 videos for 30 Days of Yoga. Her intention is for you to start with day 1, which has more simple, beginner moves and progress throughout the month. She has an introduction video to her plan that you can watch here:


Yoga is such a great form of exercise to help you destress, relax, tone, stretch, and work on balance. I especially recommend yoga for runners. It is a great addition to help you stretch further and prevent injuries. For all of you training for the half marathon, try and fit yoga into your workouts! I am going to begin the 30 Days of Yoga tomorrow and I encourage you all to try the program as well! I believe that Leah Waites has gone through it so I am sure she would be open to any questions you may have! Just click on the above link and follow the videos for each day. You won’t regret it!


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