March into the New Month

When it comes to working out some people like to have a set plan. Honestly there are times when I enter the gym and I wonder “How does everyone know what to do? Where do they get these moves from?”
Well for anyone in that situation, fear no more! I’ve got a whole month of moves for you!

March Work Out
(click the calendar or here for the larger version)

This work out calendar was created by the wonderful Cassey Ho, certified fitness instructor and creator of POP Pilates (some of you many already know here. She also makes super cute workout clothes, fun fact~). Basically she makes videos for everyday of the month and you work out with her. Each day has a different focus

Sunday: BUTT
Monday: Legs & Thighs
Tuesday: Core Crusher
Wednesday: Hump Day HIIT
Thursday: Arms ‘n Back
Friday: Stretch Day
Saturday: Total Body

She also creates “challenges” to pair with each day on the March calendar. This month it’s the “30 day Thigh Slimming Challenge”.

30day thigh slimming challenge1
(click the calendar or here for larger file)

She says “You can do these right when you wake up or spread em out throughout the day
So you have TWO calendars that you just follow for the entire month. I’ve been doing her monthly workouts for a while and they are actually pretty fun. Its cool to cross off each day and watch your progress. If you live on campus in a dorm its perfect because these are workouts that can be done in the tiniest of spaces. Otherwise you can take it to the gym or outside whatever works for you.

*Click here for all her videos woot woot*
So here are some simple steps to get started: Look at the calendar, see what videos it says to watch, search the video name on her YouTube channel, watch them, do them, feel great and that’s it! She talks to you the entire time you work out and she is super motivational. This is a great way to start the new month so grab a sister, your big, your little, a roomie, a friend, or a random person in your hall/ apartment  and start the calendar!!! (ok so not a random person, that might be a bit creepy…)
*Click here for her website
Oh yeah, I realize that its March 2nd and I’m posting this a day late. I guess that means you just have to double up with what you missed on Mach 1st…oopsie…#DOVELOVEALWAYS!


One thought on “March into the New Month

  1. Whitney Dixon says:

    My roommate and I are going to start this today! 🙂 Thanks so much for inspiring even the most sedentary of us to get in shape through Christ!


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