How Many Calories Do You Really Need?

When it comes to daily caloric intake, you most always hear that we need 2,000 calories a day. For some of us that may be true, but not all of us are the same height, weight, age, and have the same activity level. It is important that you take in the correct amount in order to maintain a healthy weight and balance out all that you burn during workouts. The simplest way to figure out how much you need is by following this formula:

(weight in lbs x 4.5) + (height in inch. x 15.88) – 161 = Your Total

You could lay in bed all day and this is how much you should be intaking for your body to maintain internal involuntary processes. You should be eating this much everyday! If you are active during the day, you can multiply your above total by the one of the following:

  • Sedentary- 20%
  • Lightly Active- 30%
  • Moderatley Active- 40%
  • Very Active- 50%

Take some time to figure out what your daily caloric intake should be and make sure you are reaching that number each day with healthy foods!



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