How to Become a Runner



As many of y’all know I am an avid runner. Running is my main form of exercise, stress reliever, and relaxation. I know that running can be difficult and tiresome for many so I want to give y’all some resources to help you change your attitude. Look over these articles and tell yourself that you are a runner!



Exercise Should Not be an Idol

“Understanding why we were made helps us fight the temptation to compare ourselves with the brand of beauty sold to us in the world. It also helps us fight the temptation to idolize exercise and beauty.”

So a lot of times it can be hard to push exercise without making it become one’s idol. At the end of the day it is more important to be spending time with the Lord than running unless you are able to spend time with the Lord while running. Our earthly bodies are here today and gone tomorrow, but our spiritual body is eternal. Therefore, we should spend more time focused on our personal relationship with the Lord. But by spending time with the Lord we realize that He wants us to take care of our earthly bodies.

Take a minute to read this awesome article below

Offering Our Body

Romans 6:13 “Do not offer any part of yourself to sin as an instrument of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life; and offer every part of yourself to him as an instrument of righteousness.”

As Christians, we are called to offer all of who we are to Christ so that we may be used as an instrument of righteousness. This involves giving up our fleshly desires and taking up our cross everyday. Working out and eating right are important in maintaining our health. We are a lot easier to use if we are healthy. Taking care of your body is not always fun or easy, but we are called to. Be the best you you can be and allow God to use you in ways you have never imagined.

Let’s start loving our bodies

Hey y’all! So I found this article on the fitness magazine website. It basically talks about how it is a popular thing in society for us to think and talk negatively about our bodies, even if we do have a positive self image. The part I really liked was it said next time you are about to think/talk negatively about yourself ask, “Would I say this to my mother? My sister? My best friend?” I have attached the link below and I really encourage y’all to read this short article and really think about it. Remember that God created you as the perfect woman you are, what we see as flaws he sees as beauty!

Honoring God by Maintaining our Bodies

Last week I shared these quotes on the MotivateMe GroupMe and I thought I would share it on here so everyone can read them. I am reading the book The Chase and one of the chapters talks about keeping our bodies healthy, which is a way to worship and honor The Lord. Read over these and think about the truth behind them:

“Our bodies really aren’t our own. They belong to God. And because he made each of us uniquely beautiful, we should want to take care of our bodies and appreciate them. So it’s important to quiet the celebrities we admire and the magazines we like to read and listen to what God has to say.”

“We can’t simply wish to be thin, to stay healthy, or to have a better daily routine…so wishing or hoping for something might work for a while, but eventually we will run out of ways to motivate ourselves. That’s when the Lord steps in and reminds us that He’s there…God knows what’s on your heart, and He definitely knows if you have thoughts of being healthier, prettier, skinnier…maybe your list goes on and on. Give all your worries and anxieties over to God. By doing so you will be able to hear His voice louder than all the other voices.”

Exercising, eating right, and maintaining a healthy body is not always easy. It’s something that almost every person struggles with. We should handle this difficulty no differently than we would any other struggle in our life. We should turn to God and ask for His help in keeping up with the body he gave us. God wants you to be happy and healthy and He will help you do that!


So I just stumbled across an amazing faith based health website called It has so many awesome recourses for faith, health, and nutrition. Here are some features of the website:

  • Daily devotionals
  • How to see your health through the Gospel’s lens
  • Training plans
  • Dietary guidelines
  • Videos from trainers and nutritionists
  • Personal and small group challenges

I absolutely love it when I see faith and health being merged together because there are so many aspects of health and fitness that are expressed throughout the Bible that often get overlooked. Maintaining a healthy body is a form of praise and worship and is pleasing to God. So I challenge you to look through the site and explore all of the resources and perhaps you will be able to see the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through the lens of your faith and beliefs. Enjoy!

Best Health and Fitness Apps

If you’re anything like me you use your phone for just about everything, so why not use it to help you stay healthy! There are so many health and fitness apps out there but here are some of the best ones I have researched. Check them out and download them to help you reach your goals!

1. Nike+ Training Club– This is the easiest way to feel in control of your fitness destiny. The app offers more than 100 workouts crafted by Nike master trainers for people of all fitness levels. Select your specific fitness goal (get lean, get toned, get strong, or get focused) and find easy-to-follow workout plans—don’t worry there are plenty of rest days. Each individual workout comes with beautiful video tutorials, so even beginners never feel left in the dust.




2. Runtastic Six Pack Abs– Getting six pack abs isn’t easy (trust us, we tried). But strengthening your core has never been easier, thanks to Runtastic Six Pack. Choose Daniel or Angie as your avatar trainer, and then select from workout programs that last anywhere from 10 days to almost a month. The best part? Slo-mo videos of the virtual trainers means you learn each exercise right the first time around and avoid injuries.



3. Sworkit– No gym? No time? No problem! Sworkit is designed with busy people in mind with high-intensity bodyweight workouts that you can make as short as five minutes and as long as an hour. Choose the style of exercise you’re looking for (strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching) and discover dozens of different workouts—or go ahead and use the app to create a custom workout. Every workout set is super easy to follow with high-quality videos and a countdown clock of the number of reps you have left.



4. MyFitness Pal– Counting calories has never been easier thanks to this robust app. You can log most meals in under a minute by searching MyFitnessPal’s extensive database of brand name foods. If you made something from scratch, you can input the recipe, and the app will estimate it’s nutritional information too. And once you start regularly using the app, it gets to know your diet and saves a list of your favorite foods that can be added to your daily intake with just the tap of a button.



5. ShopWell– Take the mystery out of staring at nutrition labels. (Sure, this says it’s low sodium, but is it low enough for me?) ShopWell users create personal profiles with their age, gender, health goals, things they find important to their diet, things they want to avoid, and things they’re allergic to. Then head to the nearest grocery aisle and start scanning barcodes. The app will give each item a score—avoid foods with low scores and scoop up the ones closest to a perfect 100.